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Introducing Our Newest Board Director, Christina Cummings!

We are delighted to announce that Christina Cummings has joined the GACEO Board of Directors. Christina is a solution-driven leader and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience across multiple professional sectors. Her professional experience includes extensive work with the City of Atlanta and more recently the City of South Fulton. She is well versed in…

Five Questions About Employee Ownership and Accounting with Windham-Brannon’s Donna Caruso

First off, tell us about how you got started with Windham Brannon, and how the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) work began there: I joined the firm about 14 years ago as senior manager in the Assurance area and worked on my first ESOP a few years after joining. I was then promoted to Principal.…

Employee Owned Company Premier System Integrators acquires FeedForward in Georgia

Tennessee based, employee-owned company Premier System Integrators acquires FeedForward in Georgia, keeping employee jobs in Georgia and making all employees Employee Owners. Great to see how #employeeownership can benefit employees before and after #acquisitions!

Five Questions about Employee Ownership and Valuation with Adrian Loud of Censeo Advisors

Adrian Loud is the managing director of Censeo Advisors, located northwest of Atlanta.  Censeo is a valuation firm, which means they provide third-party estimates of what a reasonable purchase price is for a company. Many of their clients are either considering or have an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). “What Censeo does,” says Adrian “is…

Essential Ingredients

“It takes the right talent, culture, vision and strategy to make positive progress, and we work hard to get it right more than we get it wrong. We believe that what we do, and why we do it, makes a difference in the world.”– Kris Maynard, Co-Founder and CEO, Essential Ingredients Industry: Chemicals distributor Ownership structure: 100%…

Techwood Digital 100% Employee Owned

“Most startups are told they must either be a unicorn or a donkey –  unbridled growth or stagnation, there’s no in-between. With our ESOP, it is not a binary path, we can be a horse!” – Chad Crowe, CEO, Techwood Digital Industry: Digital marketing Number of employees: 20 Revenues: $3.3 million Ownership structure: ESOP (100%) Techwood Digital is a digital…