As a business owner

What will be your legacy?

Our Mission:

To educate business owners and their advisors about the benefits of employee ownership as an exit strategy for privately held businesses that will preserve jobs and community impacts.

Why Employee Ownership?

Employee ownership is a business model in which employees collectively own a percentage of the business for which they work.Two of the main forms are Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) and worker cooperatives. In both, employees are given a financial stake in the business. As the business prospers, employees prosper.

Employee ownership creates jobs and keeps businesses here in Georgia

Increases businesses profits and productivity

Provides a ready buyer and a robust succession plan for current owners

Strengthens communities

Fights the wealth gap, and provides real
retirement savings

The Power of Employee Ownership

For selling owners, employee ownership provides a powerful way to establish your business’ legacy, for its employees and the community where it is based. Most companies that become employee-owned see higher revenue and profits after the transaction. And the tax advantages can allow you to make a competitive return on the sale

The Impact of Employee Ownership

A recent study found that young workers at employee-owned firms benefit in the following ways:


Percent Higher Median Income from Wages


Percent Higher Household Net Wealth


Percent Higher Median Job Tenure